With so many myths out there about weight loss, it can be hard to deceiver what works and what doesn’t. Whether it’s diet pills, visiting a Houston Weight Loss Clinic, or the latest can’t miss workout product, everything claims to be the answer to losing weight. The simple truth is the only way to lose weight healthy, is by exorcising and eating good food. At the end of the day you have to burn more calories than your body takes in to start seeing the weight come off.

Weight Loss Foods & Dieting

There are many foods out there that actually promote fat loss. Whole grain foods like brown rice and oatmeal are a great addition to any diet. Your body will burn twice as much calories breaking down whole grains as opposed to processed food. Adding blueberries to your oatmeal will also rev up your metabolism, as this nutritious berry has the highest antioxidant level of any fruit. In addition to getting your carbs you need a good source of protein for a lean healthy body. Cheese is an excellent clean source of protein, and is also loaded with calcium and vitamin D. For decades many have been using green tea to lose unwanted fat. There is reason this is such a popular method, it produces fantastic results. It has been proven that drinking four cups of green tea everyday helps put your body in a fat burning state.


Just like food not all exercises are created equal, there are certain movements that are much more helpful than others. The foundation of a good workout plan, is one that is built around compound exercises . There are two different types of movements while working out, the compound movement and isometric movement. While isometric exercises work a specific muscle at one time, compound movements hit a large number of muscles all at once. For the goal of weight loss, compound’s are without question the more effective movement. Bodyweight exercises like pushups, pullups, and dips are all phenomenal compound movements that will promote lean muscle gains, and fat loss. Another very important step to losing weight is getting enough cardio in. If going out for a run isn’t your idea of a fun morning you are not alone. However, in order for the pounds to come off you must do some form of cardio. There many forms of this besides just simply jogging or walking. Sprints are arguably the best exorcise someone can do while trying to lose weight, but for some this kind of exorcise is not an option. For people with bad knees or health concerns, a bike ride is a fantastic option.